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All books have been given away! Thank you very much for your interest and support!

Forget, for a moment, the title of this book. If you do any outdoor sports, be it climbing, rafting, skiing, hiking, golfing, or surfing (to name a few), you should keep reading!

The fact is you never know when accidents will happen in the wilderness. We twist ankles, get abrasions, feel wet and cold, and sometimes have serious accidents all while pursuing our favorite outdoor activities. Climber's First Aid : What to do while waiting for help was written to help keep you, and your companions, safe in the wilderness.

Don't be fooled by the title! Yes, it was originally written with climbers in mind, but very little of it is climber-specific. Everyone from hikers to bikers to surfers can benefit from having this book as part of their gear.

I wrote Climber's First Aid to help you in an emergency. It covers many of the emergencies climber's and outdoor enthusiasts may face including: shock; injuries to the spine, head, chest, and lung; fractures and dislocations; sprains and strains; bleeding; bites, stings, and poisonous plants; illness caused by heat or altitude; and injuries due to cold such as frostbite.

In addition to text describing what to look for and what to do, Climber's First Aid is well-illustrated and includes Quick Care lists to help guide you through the emergency. The Quick Care's are designed so that you can check-off what you have done, and act as a reminder of what is yet to be done. Each chapter begins with a story, taken from personal experience or the book Accidents In North American Mountaineering that provide testiment to what can happen in the wilderness.

Printed on special tear-resistant and waterproof paper, this 135-page book is designed to last through years of outdoor activities. Drop it from El Cap, leave it in the rain, bury it in the snow...this book will survive and be usable year after year. You can even write on it with pen or pencil just like ordinary paper. Climber's First Aid is designed to be carried with you on every climb. Weighing about 8 oz. and measuring 5" by 8", Climber's First Aid can easily be carried in your pack everywhere you go.

I have quite a few of these books left from back when they were printed. I am offering FREE copies of the book, with a simple request for a donation of shipping costs (about $3/book). If you can't afford shipping, and would really, really like a book, let me know and we can work something out. If you want more than one book, say for a scout troop or to use as giveaways, let me know that as well. Like I said, I have quite a few of them available!

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All books have been given away! Thank you very much for your interest and support!

Good luck and stay safe!!

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